Release 23

Grabbing by proximity

  • Regardless of which tool you have selected on your controller, if you reach into an object you can now grab it directly.
  • Your controller will turn into a gloved hand to indicate you can grab: pull the trigger and move it in exactly the same way you would from a distance with the Grabber tool.

Posing Puppets

  • It is now much easier to pose puppets:
    • You no longer need to use the “?” action to enable the pose handles
    • Simply reach into any part of the puppet’s body and you will get a glowing handle for that body part.
    • Your controller will also turn into a gloved hand to indicate you can grab.
    • Grab the body part to move it.

Improved workflow for VR Mocap

  • You only need to measure your height once: this is then stored as part of your profile.
  • If you need to measure your height again, you can by pressing the Recalibrate button on the left.
  • You now have a choice of 3 modes: Standing, Sitting and Prone.

Stage Machinery for the Linz Theater

More stage machinery is now supported on the Linz Theater stage:

  • 3 raisers, complete with separate lift platform
  • Portal bridge and towers
  • Orchestra pit