Release 15

Update (a)

  • Sketches now save painting brushstrokes:
    • Painted surfaces will be preserved across sessions
    • You can now undo/redo individual brushstrokes
    • If you are working collaboratively you will see when a remote user paints a surface
  • New stage machinery: fly bars
  • New panel on the WristPad for Stage Controls:
    • Each control has a slider and a record arm toggle
    • Each control can also be driven from the radial menu when pointing at it.
    • The state of each control is saved with the scene
    • Moving a control while recording with record armed will record all changes to an automation track that can be replayed.
  • Improvements to rigid animation (still WIP)
  • Refined the shape of the new pointer beams
  • Fix for stage lights not saving colour settings.
  • Improved behaviour when resizing flat thin objects (such as a rug).
  • REGRESSION: Depth of field on cameras is currently broken.

Update (b)

  • Fix for loading previous scenes with rigid animation in them.
  • Fix for vertical scrolling of timeline
  • Introduced a new “pose ghost” when capturing mocap. Also changed starting position of performer to make it easier to interact with real-world props.

Update (c)

  • Accidentally left several experimental features in R15b. Now removed!