Release 10

Update (a)

  • Prototype Collaboration support:
    • Users in the same scene should be able to see each other (if in VR) and talk to each other.
    • If a user makes a change to a scene, other users in the scene will see the result.
  • If you open a scene without saving (going back to the Office), any changes since last save should be preserved

Note: the Airbrush does not yet save brush strokes so painted sketches must be saved or will be lost (WIP)

Note: there are still issues with connectivity and NAT traversal – users should be able to connect directly to a host on the same LAN but for remote users it will depend on the network firewall.

  • Prototype desktop UI for viewing through cameras and playing back a scene (WIP):
    • There is a Timeline at the bottom of the screen with basic transport controls.
    • On the left hand side there are icons for cameras, remote users and smartsuits.
    • Click on a camera to see its current viewpoint.
  • Click on a remote user to see an ‘over the shoulder’ view of what they’re doing.
  • Timeline now provides transport controls as an alternative to the Time Tool.
  • Sketches now show measurements along their edges when handles are visible – can be disabled globally from the Sketch Palette on the WristPad
  • Puppet IK handles are now hidden by default. Use the top radial button on the Hand tool to reveal. IK paths are only shown when handles visible.
  • Trigger on Navigator teleports again – use as secondary grab proved confusing.
  • Leaving Camera TTL view should now return you to where you were.
  • Zooming is disabled in the Office
  • Controller pointers should be less jittery particularly when sketching.
  • Performance improvements to reduce frame stutters – should be much smoother in VR

Update (b)

  • Teleporting now preserves your scale and no longer resets it to normal.