FirstStage used for previs exploration and techvis planning

Moviestorm have been working with Cupsogue Pictures to help get their claustrophobic mini-sub thriller to production, with a solid plan and prepared team.

A chance encounter at Moviestorm's stand at the Media Production Technology Show in May 2022 has opened director Gene Fallaize's eyes to the opportunity FirstStage provides as an affordable and accessible tool for pre-production teams to previs their ideas, and deliver the required techvis to build the set and plan how the scenes should be physically shot.

Working iteratively in FirstStage, the project delivered measurements, lighhting and set construction images for the Production Designer, timed scene blocking for the Director, and camera shot exploration for Cinematographer.

Read our development user story - What happened from first contact to delivering the production insights using #moviestormfirststage that will hopefully help get the project a green light!

More to come ...

This is not the end of the story.

FirstStage can be used right up to and into production to help explore and solve issues. The next planned session is a live blocking and rehearsal session of the full script, with the Director, Producer and lead actress all sharing the same VR space in real time. With all the scenes blocked and recorded in FirstStage, the DoP will be able to start exploring any practical and possible shots and delivering a shot list

And subject to production green light, we'll be able to share the images and video that have come out of the out of the FirstStage previs sessions ... Watch this space!